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Soul viper PUBG Wiki, Age, Real Name, PUBG ID, Face, Team and More | Yash Soni Biography | Soul Viper Wiki

Soul viper PUBG Wiki, Age, Real Name, PUBG ID, Face, team, Biography, and More. Soul viper PUBG  Sensitivity And control Setup Setting. Soul Viper is A professional Pubg player who plays with Soul Mortal. Get all the information about Soul Viper PUBG.
Short Biography Of The Soul viper
Real NameYash Parmesh Soni
Crew Team SouL
Date Of BirthDon't Know
PUBG Name SoulViperR
PUBG ID Number587552420
Team Players NameSoulMorTal
Clan Name Team Souldiers
ControlsThumb Player
Device Used to playiPad / Asus Rog / one plus
PUBG Popularity 22091.6+ K
Social Network Information
youtube Soul Viper
Instagram soul_viper.
Nimo TV Soul viper

Soul Viper PUBG:

Soul Viper PUBG
The Real Name of  Soul Viper is Yash Parmesh soni. He is an Indian and lives in India. He is a member Of Soul Clan. Soul Viper Favourite's subject is maths till 10th standard. Soul viper PUBG ID number is 587552420 and PUBG UserName is SoulvipeR. Soul Viper is in team Souldiers Clan and he is Team Soul Crew. He is a co-leader of Team Souldiers Clan. He Started to playPUBG when Season 2 starts.
Soul Viper PUBG Biography

Soul Viper Interview:

1:  Which is your Favourite Subject in school?
-- Maths

2:  which game you play before PUBGM?
-- FreeFire

3: How  You Meet Mortal
-- In PUBG Game

4: 4 finger claw or 2 fingers?
-- It actually doesn't matter the only thing that is a matter that how your strategy work, aiming skill, or training. I am playing with 2 fingers and I will continuously play with my thumbs in future because is the only way that I am comfortable.

5: what is the history behind the name viper?
-- In WWE Randy Orton is my favourite wrestler and his nickname is Viper so, I always use viper even in counterstrike my name was a viper

6: Do you Get Hate?
-- yes

7: your Mom watch your Steam?
-- Yes, even I stream late night my mom always watch my stream until I am Quite Streaming.

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Soul Mortal PUBG Biography and More

soul Viper wiki
soul Viper wiki

Soul Viper Facts:

>> He is a PMIS 2019 Champion
>> PMCO India Spring Split 2019 Champions
>>PMCO SA fall split 2019 #2
 >> In WWE Randy Orton is a favourite wrestler Of Yash and his Nickname is Viper.  So, He always uses viper even in counterstrike Soul Viper  Name is a viper
Soul Viper
Soul Viper

Soul Viper Social Media Information:

Soal Viper Has a youtube channel with more than 560k subscribers.
Soul Viper channel Name is Soul Viper. Soul Viper has more than 350k Follower In his Instagram Account. Official Soul Viper Instagram Account is soul_viper. Soul viper is on Nimo tv and his channel is soul Viper.

Soul Viper PUBG Controls and Sensitivity Setting :

Soul Viper PUBG Setting And Sensitivity
Soul Viper Pubg Settings

Soul Viper PUBG Setting And Sensitivity
Soul Viper PUBG Setting And Sensitivity
So, this is all the Information About Soul viper PUBG.

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