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kronten gaming PUBG Biography, Real Name, PUBG ID, earning,and More | All You Want to Know About Kronten Gaming

kronten gaming PUBG Biography,  Real Name, PUBG ID, earning, and More. kronten Gaming Website and Instagram. all you want to know About Krontan gaming. Kronten Gaming  PUBG. Kronten gaming PUBG Information.
Kronten Gaming
Short Biography Of The Kronten Gaming
Real NameChetan chandgude
Crew Godlike
Date Of Birth08 May 1997 
PUBG Name GodLKronTenOP
PUBG ID Number 525348414 
Team Players NameHidden
Clan Name Godlike
PUBG Popularity1065.44k+
Device Used to playSmartPhone
Other Youtube Channel Clash With Kronten
Social Network Information
Kronten Gaming Biography
Kronten Gaming Biography

Kronten Gaming pubg:

The Real name of the owner and founder of kronten gaming is Chetan Chandgude. Kronten was born in Pune, Maharashtra in Marathi family on 08 May 1997, and Kronten age is23 years old (As of 2020). He streams PUBG MOBILE on his Youtube channel almost every day for two times (morning and evening). He is a Fifth BiggestYoutube streamer in India after Gareboo, Carryminati, Mortal, and Dynamo Gaming. His Channel Comes under Top 10 Biggest gaming Channel in India. Krontten Gaming has Now More Than 1.8+ million Subscriber on his youtube channel.
Kronten gaming Wiki
Kronten gaming Wiki

Kronten Gaming PUBG Information :

PUBG ID Number of Kronten Gaming is 525348414 and PUBG Character ID is GodLKronTenOP.  Kronten is a leader of the Godlike Clan and is in a Godlike crew. Kronteen gaming has more than 1065.44k+ popularity in PUBG. Chetan had started to play PUBG Mobile Since Season 2 sarts.  Now, if we talk About kronten Stats,  you can see the Kronten K/D per Season in below table
Dynamo K/D Per Season
Season 1======
Season 28.19 in 496 Matches 
Season 38.77 in 1601 Matches
Season 47.61 in 1072 Matches
Season 5.65 in total Matches
Season 6 5.26 in 737 matches
Season 7 4.02 in 800 Matches
Season 83.87 in 326 matches
Season 94.67 in 292 matches
Season 104.20 in 556 matches

Kronten Past Life:

Chetan Chandgude plays games like Counter-Strike, GTA Vice City, Dota 2, PS4 before playing PUBG Mobile was launched in India. kronten has started his channel on 26 Feb 2018Kronten is gaining over 2000 subscribers every day, Also, he gains around 140K to 500K views per day. Before Kronten Gaming, Chetan had the first channel named "Clash With Kronten" which also based on gamming. In this channel, Kronten uploads the popular game "Clash of Clans" gameplay videos. Even in hiss PUBG profile Photo, he has uploaded the clash of clan troops. Kronten Gaming has multiple sources of income, not just youtube Adsense revenue. He earns through AdSense, Super chats, PayTM/GPay donations, and Youtube membership.
PUBG Kronten Gaming
PUBG Kronten Gaming

Kronten Gaming Earnings:

Kronten gets a lot of Money from Superchat, Membership, Donations, and, Charity and many more ways. He gets easily earnings from Google, but Membership is not easy and donations will vary with time. According to the SocialBlade  Noxinfluencer website, Kronten Gaming Average 510K view of one day. He earns $2.1K - $33K per month through his channel and his annual income through the channel is $24.7K - $395.6K. He also earns More money through Brand promotion.

Kronten Gaming charity stream:

Chetan Chandgude Biography
Chetan Chandgude Biography
In the Pulwama attack in Jammu and Kashmir in which 40 CRPF soldiers personnel martyred. After the Pulwamadeadliest terror attacks, Kronten did a charity stream and Donate all the earnings collected through donations to families of martyred soldiers. He donated an amount of Rs. 2,20,000.

kronten Gaming Social Media Infomation :

Kronten Gaming has more than 1.7 million subscribers on his youtube channel. The Offical Youtube Channel  Of kronten Gaming is kronten Gaming. Facebook Page Of Kronten gaming is clashwithkronten. he Has Mote than 13 k Followers in his Instagram account. Twitter Account of kronten gaming is kronten. Instagram  Account of kronten Gaming is clashwithkronten.

Chetan Biography PUBG
Chetan Biography PUBG

Kronten Gaming popular PUBG videos:

23000 PUBG UC Crate Opening

6 Flare gun in Single Match
100 players in Bootcamp
so, this is the whole information about kronten gaming. Kronten Gaming PPUBG wiki, biography, gun skins, pubg id number. pubg character id, face, team, kronten, crew, clan, past life, pubg stats, Pubg K/D and more. all you want to know about Kronten gaming.

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