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Hydra Dynamo Biography | Dynamo PUBG Wiki | All you Want to Known About hydra Dynamo

Hydra Dynamo PUBG Wiki, Age, Real Name, PUBG ID, Face, team, Biography, girlfriend and More. All you want to wan know about hydra Dynamo. Dynamo gaming PUBG Biography. Dynamo Earning, clan, Girfriend, and More. Aaditya Deepak Sawant Biography.
Short Biography Of The Dynamo Gaming
Real NameAaditya Deepak Sawant
Date Of Birth18 April 1996
PUBG ID Number591948701 
Girlfriend nameKanika Bisht
Clan Name H¥DRAOfficial
Controls3 Finger claw
Device Used to playiPhone X
PUBG Popularity 32000k+
Instagram Dynamo Gaming
YoutubeDynamo Gaming
Dialogue paat se Headshot
Hydra Dynamo

Hydra Dynamo PUBG :

hydra dynamo pubg
hydra dynamo pubg
The Real Name of Owner of Dynamo gaming is Aaditya Deepak Sawant and he has over 6+ million subscribers on his youtube gaming channel. His channel is gaining over 30,000 subscribers every day. Also, he gains around 3M to 3.5M views every day. Dynamo has multiple sources of income, not just youtube ad revenue. He earns through AdSense, Super chats, PayTM/ GPay donations, and Youtube membership. He is currently 23 years old and has more than 6 million subscribers on his youtube channel.  Dynamo Joined Youtube on Jul 21, 2010. Aaditya Sawant was born in Mumbai in Marathi family on 18 April 1996 and his age is 24 Years old ( As of 2020). He is currently living in Lokhanvala Complex Andheri West Mumbai. He streams PUBG MOBILE on his Youtube channel almost every day for a few hours. He was played with big pubg mobile streamers like Carryminati, Kronten Gaming, and Mortal too. Dynamo has a huge number of fans on his youtube as well as Instagram profile.

Dynamo PUBG Information:

Hydra Dynamo PUBG ID Number is 591948701 and PUBG Character ID is H¥DRA丨DYNAMO. He is the Leader of H¥DRAOfficial Clan. he is in EVILHYDRA Crew. His Hydra Clan is off the 10th Level and there are currently 36 members are present in the clan.  There are 5 members in crew and their name is H¥DRA | DANGER, H¥DRA | MECz, HYDRA | HONEY HYDRA | DYNAMO, and HYDRA | DAYTONA. Dynamo has more than 32000k PUBG Popularity. Dynamo is Playing PUBG Since season 2nd starts. In the below table you can see hydra Dynamo PUBG statics and K/D per seasons
Dynamo with Alan walker
Dynamo with Alan walker
Dynamo K/D Per Season
Season 1======
Season 26.34
Season 315.54
Season 410.80
Season 5 10.12
Season 67.18
Season 74.77
Season 83.94
Season 93.36
Season 103.77

Hydra  Dynamo Earning:

According to the SocialBlade website, dynamo Earn $5.7K - $90.9K Per Month with the help of his youtube channel and annual Income of Hydra Dynamo is around $68.2K - $1.1M. This is only Youtube income through AdSense adds. he also gets extra money by promoting Brands. He earns through AdSense, Super chats, PayTM/ GPay donations, and Youtube membership. dynamo Earn Rs. 3000 - 10000 per hour of his live stream.

Dynamo Dialogue:

dynamo YouTube
dynamo Youtube
Dialogue plays an important part in getting Dynamo famous. Initially, Some dialogues of Dynamo get viral which led to knowing many people about Dynamo gaming.  If you Play PUBG Mobile or even you don't,  you Obviously listen to these dialogues somewhere. Some famous Dialogue Of Dynamo gaming

  • Patt Se Headshot
  • Kar98 Merri Rani
  • Beta Baap Se Panga Nahi Lete Bet

Dynamo  Past Life:

Previously when PUBG is Not Launch, Dynamo play games like Dota2, BF1, BF3, BF4, Apex, and GTA V. Though all these games videos aren’t published on his channel. Later, he was started to stream PUBG PC in August  2017. With PUBG PC live streams, Dynamo does not earn Enough subscribers and channel performance does not Get Rank. But, after that, he started playing PUBG Mobile and live stream PUBG Mobile in Emulator. Now, he has more than 6 million subscribers on his youtube channel.  Dynamo is a real example of hard work pays.

Hydra Dynamo Personal Information and Girlfriend: 

Dynamo Girlfriend  (Kanika Bisht)
Aaditya Sawant's nickname is Aadii. Dynamo Birth of Date is 18 April 1996. His Favourite actor is Akshay Kumar and his favourite actress is Priyanka Chopra. His favourite Food Is pizza . his Favourite Singer is Emiway Bantai & Divine. his favourite colour is Blue. Dynamo Girlfriend is Kanika Bisht Popularily Known as Kani. Dynamo hair colour is dark brown and his eye colour is black.

Dynamo Gaming’s Charity Stream:

Few Month ago Dynamo has donated a 1,01,000 Rupees as a charity stream for the Indian soldiers who died in the terrorist attack through Bharatkeveer government website.

Hydra Dynamo social media information:

Hydra Dynamo has more than 6.2 million Subscriber on his Youtube Channel. Official Youtube channel Of Hydra  Dynamo is Dynamo Gaming. He has more than 1.3 million followers in his Instagram account. His Offical Instagram Account is dynamo__gaming. Official Facebook page of Dynamo gaming is Dynamogaming03. 136,263 people like a dynamo and 173,988 people follow Dynamo Facebook Page.
Dynamo Pubg biography
So, This is whole information about Hydra Dynamo. Dynamo PUBG ID Number, girlfriend, wiki, Social media information, past life, dynamo earning, wiki and more.

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