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The Noobs Gaming pubg wiki, Stats, K/D, Name, Teams, Biography, Pubg id number and more. The Noobs Gaming PUBG Biography.

The Noobs Gaming PUBG

Short Biography Of The Noobs Gaming
Real Name Vikas Mulay
Nick Name Vicky
AGE 20
Date Of Birth 25 august
PUBG Name ThêñoobVicky
PUBG ID Number 5334281946
Team Players Name Thêñoobghume, ThêñoobYD, Thêñoobwolf
Clan Name Thenoobs
Controls 2 Finger Claw
Device Used to play One plus 6
Other youtube Channel Thêñoobs gaming
Social Network Information
youtube Thê ñoobs gaming
Facebook Vikas Mulay Patil
Instagram thenoobsgaming

The Noobs Gaming Biography

Thenoob gaming channel is owned and managed by vikas mulay. vikas pubg name is ThêñoobVicky and PUBG ID number is 5334281946. He is an Indian and lives in India. He owns 4 titles from India for season 5 and has more than 5 KD ratio in almost all season kills 4000 per season average. His date of birth is 25 August. He has YouTube, Instagram and Facebook account pages.
The Noobs Gaming ( Vikas Mulay )

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Less known facts about ThêñoobVicky

Titles by Noobs gaming
>> He use to play PUBG Mobile on one plus 6.
>> He uses 2 Finger claw setup.
>> Love to play Competitive Matches.
>>He got 4 titles from India for season 5.
Vikas Mulay ( ThêñoobVicky)
Some YouTube videos of the Noob Gaming
1 :
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