Pro Tips to increase views, subscriber and likes on YouTube. 100% working and ultimate tips.sidtalk

Pro Tips to increase views, subscriber and likes on YouTube channel.  100% working and ultimate tips for ranking on YouTube. Sidtalk YouTube ranking.

Sidtalk YouTube ranking.

There is no shortcut to generating views, subscribers and engagement on YouTube. But if your video is engaging, you can generate all this. Now the question is “How will I know the topics in which the viewers are interested?”

Always use keywords
Write the keyword on YouTube search around which you want to create video and see the results recommended by YouTube. YouTube recommends only such results in which viewers are really interested. Research the blog post related to your niche. Keep the video Quality good and do not make it lengthy. Save the raw video with the relevant keywords.mp4

Title: Keep your primary(focussed) keywords in the title and make it attractive.
Description: Use your primary 3–4 times in the 200–400 characters description.
Tags: Add relevant keywords as tags and do not add more than 10–12 tags and don't dilute the search by adding so many tags
Thumbnail: It is like a profile pic of a video so make it clear, attractive and relevant with limited text on it.

Social Sharing:
Share your content with relevant hashtags on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and if your content is really good and viewers find it interesting, then they will do work for you by sharing it with their friends. :)

 By using this tip you can easily rank your YouTube channel videos.

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