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Most amazing and unbelievable facts | Facts Season 1 EP-1 | sidtalk Facts

Most unbelievable facts in the world. Only 10% of people in the world know facts. Most wonders and amazing facts in 2020.  Do you Know?

Most unbelievable facts in the world.

1:-.  72 hours No Shake bite

72 hours No Shake bite
72 hours No Shake bite
In 1986 there were men in India who spend 72 hours in a box room with 72 deleterious (poisonous) snakes. And the most amazing thing is that he didn't get attacked by any snakes. He leaves a room after 72 hours without any injury or a snake bite. It simply means that snake only attacks when they feel "I am in the Danger".

2:- Can you Guess this image 👇👇👇

What do you think about this image it's looking weird. But you get shocked by knowing that this a microscope image of tongue receptor. Which is present on your tongue and it is used to get a taste in foods. 
It is really amazing, isn't it?
  Share your thought on the comment box .what you think when you see this image for the first time.

3:- Eyes  mystery

Generally, different person has different colors of eyes. The majority of them are black and brown. But the colors of both eyes are the same .i.e. if a person has blue eyes then his/her both right, as well as left eye color, will be blue. But the amazing facts are, There is one mental condition in which a single person gets two different colors for their eyes. This is not a disease but it looks a little weird. This condition is called HETEROCHROMA

4:- Facts about Tiger Stripe

 Facts about Tiger Stripe
 Facts about Tiger Stripe
You will definitely watch a 🐅 Tiger in your life it may in the zoo, TV, mobile, and somewhere else. You will definitely notice that Tiger has black stripes on his hair. You will get amazed by knowing that the tiger not only has that stripes on Their hair but also on there the whole body. When the Tiger body gets shaved it looks like this.👇👇
Tiger hair gets Shaved
Tiger hair gets Shaved

Most  Amazing facts in 2020.

 5:- most painful ffor Human body

human body Burn
human body Burn
If a person gets hit, punch, fall from a high location, etc. He/she gets pain on their body. For the human body, it is a measure that the most painful situation for the human body is when he gets buried alive. Nothing can be more painful than this. 2nd most painful situation is for women when they deliver a child.
so, respect women. ♥️

6:- Japan trains

Japan train facts
Japan train facts
In India, most of every train runs late from their timeline. i.e. some trains maybe 2-3 hours late or some maybe 7-9  hours and few of them were more than 12-16 hours late. If we calculate an average of the late trains in India it is about  2-3 hours per day. On the other hand, the average of late trains in Japan is 18-20 seconds. Remember seconds. It is true and really amazing facts.

Real and Unbelievable fact in 2020

7:- Vodafone full Form:

Do you use a Vodafone SIM network?
If yes or else no. Do you know the full form of Vodafone?
VO  - VOice
DA - DAta
Yes, there is confusion between F and PH. But is a company of different country where maybe it pronounced.

8:- Unbelievable image 
What do you think about this image? It is real or not, Is it Photoshop?
You get amazed by knowing that this is a real image of lion which is captured in camera by ATIF SAEED. This image is really look like a Photoshop image but is is not if you search in Google ATIF SAEED this lion image you will defiantly get.

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