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PUBG levinho Wiki, Age, Name ,K/D, Nationality, claw,and more | PUBG Levinho Biography

Levinho pubg ID  number . Levinho real name, k/d ,age, nationality, wiki and more

Levinho Pubg ID Number

Levinho PUBG mobile

In this post I’m going to share some information about Levinho. Levinho Pubg ID Number is 546590561. Levinho is a Swedish Gamer. He is from Sweden. His nationality is swedish. He is the famous because of  his gameplay in PUBG mobile Game. He upload and live streams on PUBG Mobile on his youtube channel.
Pubg levinho
He started his Youtube Channel on 24 January 2018. Now he has upto 3 Million subscribers on his Youtube channel and it will increase rapidly. As a popularity of pubg mobile increase .He plays PUBG on iPhone X with 3 finger + gyroscope. Levinhoo is a brother of famous and popular PUBG player sevou. If you don’t know about Sevou. Sevou is a also famous PUBG Mobile Player with up to 4 Million subscriber on his YouTube channel.

Levinho pubg ID  number

Levinho is very well in performing 1 Vs 4 clutches. In his many videos which s available on his YouTube channel.

Pubg ID of Levihno ="546590561"
His Instagram account is levinhopubg

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